Stack the Rewards with BP

Save WIth BPme Rewards Without Signing Up For Credit Card

Great news! You now have additional options to save even more $$ on gas. Signed up for BP Rewards but don’t like using BP Rewards APP? Press ‘CANCEL’ on the fuel pump pin pad and enter your phone number to automatically save rather than using the app! Have a BP Credit Card? Save up to $0.15 per gallon each time you fill up for gas.

Not signed up for BP Rewards? Want to save 5 cents per gallon without going into store or applying for a new credit card? BP Rewards is a great option – free to sign up and you still use your own preferred payment method that you would normally use whether that be your personal debit card, credit card, the APP, or cash. Learn more at 

Combine BPme Rewards with BP VISA Credit Card or BP Credit Card To Save Even More!

To further maximize savings, those who open a new BP Visa® Credit Card or BP Credit Card AND enroll in BPme Rewards will save 30-cents per gallon on every gallon purchased at participating BP stations during the first 30 days from their account open date. You must download the BPme app to stack these additional rewards.