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BP's consumer loyalty program, BPme Rewards, makes fueling up & saving easier!

Fill Up On Savings with BPme Rewards

You can instantly save on every gallon, each time you fuel up at participating BP stations. Register for BPme Rewards and start saving 5 cents on every gallon, every time throughout the next month. Keep the 5 cents per gallon reward going by spending $100 on fuel each calendar month (this criteria waived currently due to COVID-19). It pays to pump with BPme Rewards! Don't forget to check the BPme app for special bonus offers toward additional savings on fuel.

BP Reward Audience Options

Start Saving with BPme Rewards Today!

  1. Join BPme Rewards.
    Register for a BPme Rewards account either online or by downloading the BPme app. When register your BPme Rewards account, add phone number and / or desired payment method (personal credit card, paypal, etc. - does NOT need to be a BP credit card) for ease of use at fuel pumps.
  2. Find a BP station and begin fueling. 
    Pull into one of our BP stations and then either enter your phone number or use the debit card / credit card on record with BPme Rewards to save without using the APP. For contactless experience, you can use the BPme APP to to select your pump and pay.
  3. Instantly get rewarded.
    Save on every gallon, each time you fill up as long as you are a new member or successfully reached the $100 spend the previous month.

Don't Like Using Apps? Not a Problem!

Register for BPme Rewards online and then when at gas pump simply press "Cancel" on the pin pad, enter your mobile phone number, followed by pressing "Enter" at the pump to save! Then swipe your preferred payment card (including Fleet Cards) or pay cash inside.

Another APP free option instead of selecting "Cancel" is to use the debit card / credit card on record with BPme Rewards (if elected to do so) to automatically save. Simply swipe and save!

BP Visa® or BP Credit Card holder? You will need to download the BPme app to stack additional rewards.

Prefer Using Apps? Learn more about the BPme Rewards App

Avoiding germs? Dodging the weather? With the BPme app, you can now pay and save right from your driver's seat. The BPme app makes it easy to pay, view receipts, track rewards and more without ever leaving your driver's seat. No more messing with pin pads or fumbling through wallets searching for rewards cards. Just a few taps on the app and a whole lot of savings. Text APP to 38831 to download. Visit https://www.bp.com/en_us/united-states/home/products-and-services/our-rewards/bpme-rewards.html to learn more.

Combine BPme rewards with BP Visa® Credit Card or BP Credit Card

To further maximize savings, those who open a new BP Visa® Credit Card or BP Credit Card AND  enroll in BPme Rewards will save 30-cents per gallon on every gallon purchased at participating BP and Amoco stations during the first 30 days from their account open date. You must download the BPme app to stack these additional rewards.